About Us

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Who we are

Al-Mujalbaba started out making clothing for children then uniforms for various Islamic schools before transitioning into a wide variety of modest clothing. After owning and operating a brick and mortar store in Queens, NYC, in 2015 we made the choice to focus on our niche, hijabs and hijab accessories.
We manufacture hijabs in georgette, jersey, chiffon, cotton etc as well as niqabs

Our Values

As Muslim women, hijab is a huge part of our identity and way of life,
Everyday women of all ages, who are looking for modest fashion options that represent their faith and individual sense of style can come here. Making these items accessible means not only giving them more choice but also freedom in expressing themselves and feeling confident wearing hijabi fashion.
Most of our products are handmade, and we take efforts to utilize recycled materials as seen with our recycled hijabs collection. 
Even with these efforts towards ethicacy we ensure that our prices are affordable to allow every hijabi to find styles that suit her needs. 

Our Founder

Al-Mujalbaba was started by Jenneh Williams who is a designer and entrepreneur
After 7 years of living and working in Operations and Audit Departments at the Central Bank of Liberia, in West Africa, I returned to my hometown of Queens, NY. I started out as a homemaker and later one of the small number of Muslim businesswomen.

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